Aftermarket Parts

At Tread, we understand that when you need parts, you need them now. And that is why the Tread aftermarket parts department maintains a listing of over 5000 active items from captive Tread bulk truck components

These include auger housings, tanks, gassing units, motor mounts, boxes, and hose reels to various manufacturer’s motors, pumps, burst discs, hoses, bearings, lids, valves, switches, and more.

As with all departments of Tread, the aftermarket parts department is no different and follows the same rule of service excellence and dedication to our customers in any situation

Experience Matters

With a team of highly knowledgeable individuals trained and experienced in bulk truck and explosives storage equipment, we can assist with troubleshooting or technical needs to ensure the right parts are ordered and shipped to your location. Our priority is to package and ship all in stock items on the same day.

If you are refurbishing your bulk equipment and require special items, please note that Tread has the capability to fabricate and supply your unique custom components. Whether your needs are for maintenance, repair, upgrades, or maintaining inventory levels, please contact us.