All TREAD Type II Portable Magazines are individually manufactured to meet or exceed the rigid governmen specifications established by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms as detailed in Title 27 Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart K, Paragraph 555.208, “Construction of Type II Magazines”; MSHA, and IME regulations and/or guidelines.


  • Housing – exterior and
    doors are constructed of ¼”
    hot rolled steel plate sourced
    through American producers.

    • Features laser cut “tab
      & slot” technology for
      consistent fit at weldment.
    • Standard designed recessed door provides increased security versus a flat plate closure.
    • The formed steel doors provide greater strength. Drip protection is standard.
  • Skids – For ease of movement, the lead of each skid has a 45° bevel.
  • Lining – Interior is finished with optional thicknesses (minimum of 3” to 4”) of hardwood lining with the first inner layer securely bolted in place; and the final build up is then covered with ½” plywood.
  • Hinges & Hasps
    • The hinges are welded to the door and exterior of the magazine in compliance with the ATF directive.
    • All hinges are greased and standard with zerk fittings.
    • The hasps are protected with formed ¼” steel hoods that prevent sawing or lever action on the locks, hasps, and staples per ATF construction guidelines.
  • Ventilation – The vent cover is a one-piece laser cut of steel and then formed. On the interior, stand-off strips are placed over the liner to prevent the packing of explosives against the wall and obstructing ventilation.
  • Movement – To enable easy movement, each magazine has openings at the front and rear ends of the skids, and lift rings are securely welded on the top for the attachment of chains or cables.
  • Lightning protection – A Grounding Kit is optional.
  • Locks – BATF-approved locks are available and can be keyed as required.
  • General  – All outdoor magazines are bullet-resistant, fire-resistant, theft-resistant, and constructed to prevent direct contact with the ground.
  • Cam lock Closure – Steel rod with upper and lower latches provides a more secure closure when latched. Handle flip plate latch designed for an additional padlock.
  • Grounding Strap – attached between the door and housing to protect against electrostatic discharge.