Emulsion & Mix Plants

Tread’s extensive industry experience, insight, and innovative technology are respected and sought
after on a global front for the design, engineering, and development of emulsion / blend plants. With plants
on-site, operating throughout the world, the Tread engineering / international teams draw upon years
of experience and hands-on onsite applications to configure them specifically to your product requirements.

When your operations require an ANFO mixing / bagging for the blending of ammonium nitrate prill and fuel oil, the industry relies on Tread for advanced design, engineering, construction, performance, and reliability.

Tread T1 ANFO Mixing System

​System design is a modular concept with the capability to introduce additives. The dump hopper automatic level control and auger mixing, with the accurate measuring of the diesel fuel oil (DFO) and the ammonium nitrate (AN), is metered through an inline fuel meter and scalable auger sensor with a digital display on the operator panel.

Control of the operation is via a programmable logic controller to ensure optimal accuracy and safe operation of the process.

Control rates – engineered to be compatible with the ANFO Packaging Process.

  • 140 kg / 300 lbs / minute
  • 275 kg / 600 lbs / minute


Stainless steel dump hopper – capacity 1.17 MT / 2600 lbs.

Self-cleaning with a protective grating that prevents access to moving parts.

Working platform with handrails – provides access on one side of the dump hopper.

Stainless steel mixing auger with a DFO injection point to convey the ANFO to a 2-way or single chute. An additional entry is optional for the introduction of additives.

An inline fuel meter and scalable auger sensor ensure accurate measuring of the DFO and AN.

Electrical – engineered for all international voltage requirements and IP65 Nema 4X rated.

Preset Bagging Scale Module / Bagging Closure System

  • Mechanical gross weight scale
  • Fischbein bag closure system

Two operational configurations utilizing a Siemens panel interface

  • Touch panel with fully closed loop frequency drive control.
  • Manually controlled through the pot and switch setpoints.

General Design

  • 40HP 29.8KW electric motor connected to a load variable hydraulic pump supplies hydraulic fluid to the electrical over hydraulic control system designed for blend or emulsion manufacturing plants.
  • The electrical power and control supply station provides precise frequency control via the Siemens touch panel interface.
  • Electrical equipment – IP65 Nema 4X rated.
  • Manufacturing of emulsion is based upon stir pot and static mixer principles.
  • The proprietary Tread blender allows for adding additives into the blend plant design for sensitizing the emulsion.
  • Clean out of product lines via compressed air.
  • Heat tracing steam is available.
  • Systems electrical engineered for all international voltage requirements.


  • Tread’s design and technology accommodate microspheres or aluminum additives to be blended with the emulsion for final storage.

Container Mounting Mobility

  • Plants are mounted within 20’ (9.4m) and 40’ (18.9m) containers.
  • The Interior of containers is prepared with high chemical-resistant Epoxy paint for ease of maintenance.
  • “Container Plants” are designed with product line connections on exterior walls.
  • The container floor plan layout provides a product test lab area for quality testing and verification.
  • Containerized mounting allows for ease of mobility and transport.

Emulsion/ Blend Manufacturing Rates

  • Rates are based on the customer’s progressive cavity pump model.
  • Tread nominal rates:
    • Minimum: 100 kg / min – 220 lbs / min.
    • Maximum: 301 kg / min – 662 lbs / min.

All Tread emulsion plants are fully commissioned on site

B1 Heavy ANFO mixing system

used for the blending of ammonium nitrate prill, fuel oil, and emulsion.  The B-1 is electrically driven and the rates are manually controlled.  This system is designed to give the customer a simple, durable solution to heavy ANFO mixing directly into your bulk truck.

The control system is an open-loop design.  Component percentages are easily controlled through the run screen or you can program up to 5 recipes.

Production Rates

  • (80% Emulsion) 1300lb / minute
  • (ANFO Only) 550lb / minute


Stainless steel hopper – capacity 907 lbs

Working platform with handrails

Stainless steel augering system with clog protection with a DFO injection point

Electrical – engineered for all international voltage requirements and IP65 Nema 4X rated.

Designed for you

Through visionary thinking, Tread’s team of in-house engineers work in partnership with our customers to develop structural quality equipment for the diverse needs of the application by utilizing the latest industry technology.

For a partner with industry experience, engineering expertise, and extensive design capabilities, contact Tread to review specifications, application requirements and explore your Tread emulsion / ANFO mixing systems