Control Systems

Accurate product monitoring, regulation directives, and operational efficiencies continue to be ever increasingly important to manage the business from billing to inventory control and reporting.

To ensure operational efficiencies and optimum usage of the product, it is imperative to have the latest technology in the form of a control
system and data logger; and, ones that are operator friendly.

The Tread line of controls systems, having varying levels of sophistication, will provide a stream
of capabilities that are matched to your company’s requirements.

Designed to be simple, easily operated, and extremely accurate. Provides the greatest level of functionality and expansion capability available for the explosive industry.

  • Monitoring of production rates, blend ratios, hole totals, and job totals.
  • Multiple control stations with display screens, joysticks, and touch controls for the selection of all formulas and functions.
  • Built-in self-diagnostic capabilities that will locate and identify errors in the unlikely event a problem occurs
  • Each component has a separate PID loop. Component control is precise and repeatable.
  • Define your own formulas ahead of time to ensure product consistency; and, have the ability to have proBlast adjust gassing rates based upon product temperature.

Flexible PLC-based system that provides simple preset-quantity blending and pumping control as well as blend-ratio and totals monitoring.

  • Digital readouts for rate, total, and percentages
  • Preset stop and borehole loading control
  • Automatic surge hopper level control
  • Backlit LCD touch-screen interface; no data logging; in-cab printer available For auger blending, quad, or repump units
  • Constructed of robust and internationally available components
  • Allows the operator to manually adjust the component percentages & rates as required.

Offers direct electrical control through active hands-on operator input.

  • Off-the-shelf components connected by CAN bus
  • No data logging
  • Proportional Danfoss PVG32 hydraulic valves
  • Mag Flow Meters require no calibration.
  • Motor speed is monitored using magnetic pulse
  • Rates controlled by potentiometers – no formulas
  • Front USB port for backup & configuration files Backup configuration file directly to internal hard drive
  • Integrated pump safety system (PumpPro)

Basic electrical over hydraulic control with digital meters.

  • Digital tachometer – totalizer control station
  • Rates and totals for ANFO and emulsion
  • Simple pushbutton and relay control
  • Timed start sequence for augers
  • For auger blending and ANFO units
  • Optional end-of-boom control station

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